Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm Working on Wednesday

It's day two of my little blog. That's a step in the right direction!

I wanted to start a series called "What I'm Working on Wednesday!" 
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So here it is...
In this one photo there are three different projects.
1) The blue/white half square triangles are just finished being cut to size and are ready to be sewn into my newest quilt top! That is very exciting for me. I haven't been working on this one for too long and to be honest it was a slow going start. I bought a bunch of fabric because I was peer pressured on a whim at a new quilt shop (well new to me). I got it home started cutting and then realized I wasn't found of the neutral I had picked out. It just didn't jump out at me, or tug on my heart strings, and I wasn't "in love" with it. So I scrapped that (pardon the very intended pun) and just used the colors that I had. It turned out better than I imagined (so far). Can't wait to sandwich it up and get it into my machine (for my first experience at machine quilting... we'll see how it goes)

2) The scrappy squares that are red and navy blue -- sitting beside the quilt top squares -- have just been cut and are going to become kanzashi. If you don't know what that is I highly recommend you look it up. I will share more about that when I have finished a few. Maybe even some step by step pictures (if it turns out) when I'm done!

& last but not least 3) That would be the different sizes of "hexies" you can see scattered on my ratty old, loved cutting board. Those, my friends, are my first attempt at English Paper Piecing. So far, so good. But, as you can see I haven't gotten very far.

Please excuse my plain old ziploc bags. The plan is to make some travel sewing bags. I found a pattern for them today over at: Can't wait to whip those up.

I am realizing more and more how much I am enjoying juggling multiple sewing tasks. It is keeping my head busy jumping from one thing to the next. With my last quilt (also known as my first quilt) I wanted to simply focus on it. Once again, I will show you what few pictures I have of that at a later time. I really poured my heart into that one though, and I didn't think there was going to be room in my brain for any other patterns or ideas. Yet, by the time I had finished that quilt I was ready to be done with it. It was too repetitious for me. The same colors, the same sewing patterns for hours on end. Don't get me wrong I really did enjoy every minute of it from picking out the colors to piecing to "sandwiching" to hand quilting (mmhmm you read that right). However, at this point, I am excited to have a few different tasks going at once with all different types of fabrics and even three different techniques. It is keeping me alert. Keeping me dreaming and creating and LEARNING; most importantly! I am striving to always be learning in this craft.

If you guys have any tips on Kanzashi or English Paper Piecing please feel free to share! I look forward to getting some conversation going in this space. It is as much for the readers as it is for me!

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