Friday, June 14, 2013

A progress report

Well, I promised a progress report so here we are. I expected to have my quilt top done last night. In fact, I cancelled an appointment I had so that I could stay home and go to town on this quilt. 

Alas, after sewing for around two hours straight still no completely perfect quilt top. I think the brainstorming process took longer then I expected. I've had the pattern cut out and it's been rearranged about 10,000,836,927 times. I finally remembered a tip I've read in a few different blogs about quoting. They've said take pictures on your phone. There's just something about being able to look at your quilt from that perspective. It clears it up for you.

So are a couple pictures of the progress so far. 
As you can see I'm almost there. I'm off work early and off to the LQS with my neighbor to buy the batting and backing. 

I hope you have a wonderful, quilt inspiring weekend!

If you stumble upon this little blog of mine please feel free to leave me a comment! Would love to hear if there is anyone out there. 

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