Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Business, Fabric, & Cliff Jumping

I don't know about anyone else out there but, when the weekend gets closer I always find myself planning out all the time I am going to spend in my sewing room. I decide on projects, I pick out fabric. I prepare. This weekend however, none of it went according to plan. There was just too much "life" happening to lock myself away. To be honest, I feel a little off in the brain this week - and I truly am wondering if it is because I didn't have any sewing/me time this weekend. I think that is my time to collect my thoughts and prepare my mind for the coming work week.

On a different note: I FINALLY, for the first real time, went to Joanns fabrics.... and OH. MY. GOODNESS. It only made it better that I had a $150 gift card and a lot of coupons! I went fabric crazy. I got the backing and batting for my quilt, I got a bundle of fat quarters for some EPP projects, I got those wonderful little scissors shaped like a bird (for some reason I feel like this was a must and I am officially a "sewer/quilter"), I got some beautiful fabric that I just "had" to have!!! I can't wait to cut into it and make something I can use!

I am figuring myself out bit by bit as I enjoy this sewing journey; as you can tell by my "aha" moment in the first paragraph. I had NO idea just how much I need my alone time to get ready for the week. The other thing I am learning is that I have a REALLY hard time cutting into fabric for the first time. I bought all of this beautiful fabric that I really cannot wait to sew into something I can be proud of but, every time I think about cutting into it I get a little queasy. Is this normal? Don't get me wrong -- it doesn't stop me for very long. However, when I get there ready to cut -- on the floor (usually), rotary cutter in hand, green well loved cutting mat spread out before me -- I actually hold my breath. It is usually just the first cut, after that I get even more excited and ready to go. Maybe this is just because of my lack of experience. I'm sure it will go away after some time - but, for now - I feel like that first cut is the deepest is like jumping off a cliff.

Hopefully later today I will have time to lock myself away and sew to my little hearts content!

Does anyone else have that same cliff-jumping feeling?

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